Assessments & Evaluations

Co- Parenting Program

Parenting Assessment $300.00

  • Administered Screening Tools

  • Clinical Interview

  • Interview with Collateral Sources

  • 60 Minute Observation

Substance Abuse Assessment $300.00

  • Clinical Interview

  • Interview of Collateral Sources

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Substance Abuse Screening

  • Write Up Submitted to the Courts

Co-Parenting Class $300.00

  • 6 weeks Skills Training and Development

  • Includes Workbook

  • Includes Status Update

Co-Parenting Counseling

  • 6 Weeks

  • Conjoint Session $160.00 per 50 minutes

Reunification Counseling 

Custodial Evaluations $5000.00 Initial Retainer, Billed at $200.00 an Hour

  • Clinical Interviews with Parents, Children, and Significant Others

  • Psychological Testing with Parents, Children, and Significant Others

  • Interviews with Collateral Sources

Brief Focused Assessment $1200.00

  • Clinical Interview

  • Interview of Collateral Sources 

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Substance Abuse Screening 

  • Write Up Submitted to the Courts

  • Initial Intake $200.00 

  • Individual Sessions with Children to Prepare them for Reunification Counseling $120.00 for 45 minutes

  • Individual Sessions with Each Parent to help them Support the Child(ren) $160.00 for 50 minute

Court Appearances 

Requires a retainer of $600.00 which is billed at $200.00 an hour for court appearances.  The retainer is used for court prep, travel from the office to court, waiting to testify, and the testimony until the time released by the court.  Retainers are due 3 days prior to court.  If more than three hours of time is utilized, the remainder owed would be invoiced to the person responsible for sending the subpoena. 

In most cases, insurance will reimburse for Intake Assessments, Substance Abuse Assessments, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Reunification Counseling and Divorce Counseling. 

Insurance will not reimburse for Parenting Assessments, Brief Focus Assessments, Co-Parenting Counseling, Group Education, or several other Court Ordered Service. 

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