Pathway to Parenting Time Program

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Our Pathways to Parenting Time Program is designed as an alternative to litigation. We work collaboratively with Parents, Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litem's, Parenting Coordinators, and other helping professionals to address barriers to parenting time. Our approach combines counseling, parenting education, co-parenting education, supervised visitations, case management, and frequent family team meetings to help you and your co-parent make decisions that are in the best interest of your children.   


Our program may be a good fit if you are experiencing one of the following: 

  1. You are involved in a contested custody dispute, and you prefer for things to be resolved peacefully

  2. There are allegations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse that negatively impacts your child's well being

  3. A parent and child have had time apart and there is a desire to reestablish contact 

  4. Your child is resisting parenting time with you, or your co-parent

 When successful, our program saves time, money, and emotional turmoil.

How the Process Works 


Agreement in Lue of Litigation





Parenting Time


(Weekly for 8-12 weeks) 

Evaluation & Assessment

(3-4 weeks)

Parenting Agreement

Prior to the start of treatment, the parents and their attorneys agree to:

1.     Participate in the Pathways to Parenting Time Program 

2.     Call or go online to schedule an intake appointment within (7) seven days

3.     Undergo an evaluation 

4.     Authorize New Vista Behavioral Health to communicate and receive information from: 

  • Both Parents

  • The Children

  • The Children’s Counselors

  • The Parent’s Counselors

  • The Guardian Ad Litem

  • The Parenting Coordinator

  • Each party's Attorney 

5.     Comply with Recommendations including, but not limited to:

  • Participation in counseling

  • Parenting education

  • Behavior modification

  • Drug and alcohol testing

  • Parenting time adjustments as deemed necessary for treatment purposes

6.       The cost for services will be paid equally by both parents

(Note: This is required so that one party can not claim the opinions of our professionals have been unduly influenced by the compensation paid by the other party)

Note: Please send a copy of any agreements or court orders to:

Evaluation and Assessment 

Our evaluations and assessments are tailored to the needs of your family.  During the assessment process, our Professionals may choose to:

  • Interview Parents and Children        

  • Administer, Score, and Interpret Mental Health Screenings

  • Perform Parenting Assessments

  • Review Documentation Provided by the Parties 

  • Run Criminal Background Checks

  • Conduct Interviews with Collateral Sources

  • Inspect Home Environments  

  • Refer parties for psychological testing with Dr. Christopher Zacny, PsyD, HSPP


Once the Evaluations and Assessments are completed, a treatment plan will be developed which outlines the steps needed to address the identified concerns.  Treatment recommendations may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Individual Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • 6 Week Co-Parenting Education Classes

  • Co-Parenting Counseling

  • Case Management

    • Soberlink Monitoring

    • Substance Abuse Monitoring

    • Professional Oversight of Our Family Wizard (OFW)

  • Supervised and Therapeutically Supervised Visitations 

  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment

  • Parenting Education

  • Crisis Intervention

Collaboration/Settlement Conferences 

We strive to collaborate with legal and mental health professionals throughout the assessment and treatment process, including, Guardian Ad Litem's, Parenting Coordinators, Treatment Providers, and Attorneys.  We host family team meetings once the evaluation phase is complete, and every (60) sixty days thereafter.  Once the treatment goals have been met, a final settlement conference is held. 


Discharge occurs once the parenting time issues have been sufficiently addressed and resolved.  Even after discharge the families are encouraged to come back and address any concerns that arise in a therapeutic setting prior to filing further actions with the court. 

Duration of Treatment

The assessment phase takes 3-6 weeks depending on the cooperation levels of all parties involved.  The active phase of treatment takes 8- 12 weeks on average.  However, in cases in which a Child is rejecting a parent, the treatment can take up to 1 year.  

Cost of Treatment & Interventions

The following services can usually be billed to Insurance: 

  • Initial Intake- $300.00 per person 

  • Individual Counseling- $120.00 per 45 minutes, $160.00 for 60 Minutes

  • Family Counseling- $160.00 per 50 minutes

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment- $120.00- $160.00 an hour

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, Children's Medicaid, and Medicare.  We are not in network with the Healthy Indiana Plan, however, financial assistance may be available for low-income families through various community programs.

The following services are generally not billable to insurance: 


  • 6 Week Co-Parenting Class-$300.00 per person

  • Co-Parenting Counseling- $80.00 per 50 minutes 

  • Case Management- $150.00 an hour

    • Soberlink Monitoring

    • Substance Abuse Monitoring 

    • Professional Oversight of Our Family Wizard (OFW)

  • Drug Testing- Through Choice DNA ~$40.00 per test

  • Virtual Visitations - $20.00 for a half hour, or $30.00 an hour

  • Supervised Visitations- $40.00 an hour

  • Therapeutically Supervised Visitations- $60.00 an hour 

  • Crisis Intervention- $150.00 an hour (Billed in 15 minute Intervals) 

  • Family Team Meetings and Settlement Conferences- $150.00 an hour per in house provider

Court Appearances 

Documentation Review- $150.00 an hour

Prep for Court- $150.00 an hour

Time in Court until Dismissed- $300.00 an hour

Other Possible Expenses

Our Family Wizard- $120.00 a year

Soberlink- $300.00 initial equipment purchase and $100.00- $200.00 a month

Separation and Divorce Support Group- Sundays from 7-8 pm (Free)​

Sample Agreed Order for the Pathways to Parenting Time Program

Comes now, ____________, by way of counsel, ___________, and _______________, by way of counsel _____________________, with an agreed order regarding parenting time in the above referenced matter.

After appropriate consideration and in lieu of ongoing litigation, the parties agree to the following:

  • Participate in the Pathways to Parenting Time Program through New Vista Behavioral Health, which may include, but is not limited to:  therapeutic supervised parenting time, supervised parenting time, mental health assessments, psychological assessments, reunification counseling, individual counseling, co-parenting counseling, and case coordination/case management services. 

  • Parties will contact New Vista Behavioral Health within 7 days of this signed order to complete an intake assessment. 

  • Upon the recommendations of New Vista Behavioral Health, the parties agree to submit to drug testing, alcohol monitoring, and professional oversight of co-parenting communication through the app, Our Family Wizard.

  • The parties agree for continuity of care purposes, all therapeutic services shall be provided solely by New Vista Behavioral Health.

  • The parties agree to follow the direction of the therapists at New Vista Behavioral Health regarding the progression or cessation of any parenting time with the children as they deem it to be in the children’s best interests.

  • A Family Team Meeting will be held every 30-60 days to assess progress and eligibility for increases in parenting time.  The meeting shall include the parties, their prospective attorneys, mental health professionals, visitation supervisors, and any other individuals deemed appropriate by New Vista Behavioral Health.   

  • If at any time, either parent disagrees with the recommendation of New Vista Behavioral Health, they have right to petition the court for a hearing, but they agree to follow the recommendations of New Vista Behavioral Health until such time as there is an order from the court directing otherwise.  

  • New Vista Behavioral Health reserves the right to file a Status Update 10 days prior to an evidentiary hearing, or 3 days prior to an emergency hearing. 

  • Program Costs

    • The cost of individual therapy and case management services for the parents will be the sole financial responsibility of the parent receiving treatment. 

    • The cost of the children’s therapy, including family/reunification counseling, shall be subject to the 6% rule, and then shared with Father paying ____% and Mother paying ____%.

    • The cost of therapeutically supervised visitations shall be shared with Father paying ____% and Mother paying ____%.

    • The cost of family team meetings, settlement conferences, case coordination, documentation review, report writing, preparation for court, travel to court, and court appearances, shall be divided by parties at the rate of 50%, subject to reapportionment. (Note: This provision is not negotiable).

Signed and dated this ____ day of _______, 20____,